Bookelong health care facilities is a customer focus concept that is not only taking care of patient needs but dedicated in educating them on how to leave healthy life style. Bookelong Centre consists of General Practitioners, Pharmacy, Pathology, Child and Adult Clinic, Procedure Room, Radiology or X-ray, Dentistry and Orthodontist, Optometrist, Podiatrist, Gynaecology or Obstetric, Paediatric, Maternity Ward, Physiotherapist, ER Service, Dietician and a whole host of health disciplines. This with a high-tech mammography unit in collaboration with a prominent radiology practice. This innovative and unprecedented step is based on the increasing burden of breast cancer in South Africa’s female population.

Not only does this make it easy for our patients to access highly experienced doctors and specialists in one facility, saving you time, money and effort, but it also makes the integration and coordination of your healthcare a reality.


Bookelong is co-founded by Dr SE Malatji and TA Masina in 2012, our first facility is based in PROTEA Glen, within more to planned to follow. 

 Our Vision

 Is to be an innovative and dynamic Healthcare Centre with the experience and skills to provide a world-class service at affordable price. 


 Our goal is to partner with our clients in servicing their health needs, We strive to become the provider of choice in healthcare and are committed to consistent levels of excellence and professionalism in service delivery in the market we serve. 

 Our Value Proposition

 The company’s value proposition is three-fold: Price, Service and Health Awareness. Bookelong believes that quality healthcare should be available at affordable pricing, the service should be professional and efficient and patients should be made aware of ways to care for themselves and how to follow a healthy lifestyle.